How Many Seasons of Longmire Are There?

Introduction to Longmire TV Series

Longmire is an American television series that premiered on A&E in 2012 and ran for six seasons before being picked up by Netflix for its seventh and final season. The show is based on the “Walt Longmire Mysteries” series of novels by Craig Johnson and follows the story of Walt Longmire, the sheriff of a fictional county in Wyoming.

The show was created by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin and features an ensemble cast led by Australian actor Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire. Other notable cast members include Katee Sackhoff as Vic Moretti, Walt’s deputy, Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear, Walt’s best friend, and Bailey Chase as Branch Connally, a deputy who runs against Walt for sheriff.

Longmire has been praised for its strong performances, compelling storyline, and stunning cinematography. The show’s popularity led to a dedicated fanbase, which campaigned for its renewal after its cancellation by A&E after its third season.

In the following subtitles, we will provide a breakdown of Longmire’s seasons, a summary of its plot, discuss its reception and awards, and give our verdict on whether or not it is worth binge-watching.

Season-wise Breakdown of Longmire

Longmire consists of a total of seven seasons, with the first three seasons airing on A&E from 2012 to 2014 and the remaining four seasons streaming on Netflix from 2015 to 2017. Here is a brief breakdown of each season:

Season 1: The first season introduces us to the main character, Walt Longmire, and his team as they investigate various crimes in Absaroka County, Wyoming. The season also explores Walt’s personal life and his relationships with his daughter Cady, his best friend Henry Standing Bear, and his deputy Vic Moretti.

Season 2: The second season delves deeper into the personal lives of the characters and introduces new storylines, including the murder of a local teacher and the involvement of a Mexican drug cartel.

Season 3: In the third season, Walt investigates the murder of his wife’s killer and runs for re-election as sheriff. The season also explores the aftermath of Henry’s wrongful imprisonment and his relationship with his estranged wife.

Season 4: After being picked up by Netflix, the fourth season sees Walt and his team investigating the murder of a Russian adoptee and dealing with the aftermath of a shootout in the previous season.

Season 5: The fifth season explores the murder of a man with ties to a casino and introduces new characters, including Walt’s love interest, Dr. Donna Monahan.

Season 6: The penultimate season focuses on Walt’s quest for justice for his wife’s murder and the introduction of new characters, including his new deputy, Zachary.

Season 7: The final season ties up loose ends and brings closure to the characters’ storylines, including the resolution of the mystery surrounding Walt’s wife’s murder.

Plot Summary of Longmire

Longmire follows the story of Walt Longmire, the sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, as he investigates various crimes in the county. The show also explores Walt’s personal life and relationships with his family, friends, and colleagues.

Throughout the series, Walt deals with personal challenges, including the loss of his wife and the strained relationship with his daughter Cady. He also faces professional challenges, including corruption within the department and the difficulties of solving crimes in a rural area with limited resources.

The show’s storylines range from murder investigations to drug trafficking to political corruption, all while showcasing the unique landscape and culture of Wyoming. Longmire also explores themes of justice, loyalty, and family, and how they intersect in the lives of the characters.

As the show progresses, Walt’s relationships with his colleagues, including his deputy Vic Moretti and his best friend Henry Standing Bear, become increasingly complex, and he must navigate their personal struggles while maintaining his role as sheriff.

Overall, Longmire is a compelling and emotional drama that delves into the personal and professional struggles of a sheriff in rural Wyoming while also showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of the American West.

Reception and Awards

Longmire received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike throughout its run. The show’s strong performances, compelling storytelling, and stunning cinematography were praised, as well as its exploration of themes such as justice, loyalty, and family.

In addition to its critical success, Longmire was also recognized with several awards and nominations. The show received three Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Main Title Design, Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role, and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series.

The cast of Longmire was also recognized for their performances, with several award nominations and wins. Robert Taylor received a Best Actor nomination from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, while Katee Sackhoff received a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Saturn Awards.

Longmire’s popularity and dedicated fanbase also led to a campaign for its renewal after its cancellation by A&E after its third season. The campaign was successful, with Netflix picking up the show for its final four seasons.

Overall, Longmire’s critical success and fan support solidified its place as a beloved and memorable television series.

Is Longmire Worth Binge-Watching?

If you enjoy crime dramas with complex characters, stunning landscapes, and compelling storytelling, then Longmire is definitely worth binge-watching. The show’s unique setting in rural Wyoming and exploration of Western themes sets it apart from other crime dramas, and its ensemble cast delivers strong performances that keep viewers engaged.

Longmire’s plotlines are intriguing and often deal with issues that are relevant to modern society, including corruption, drug trafficking, and political tensions. The show also explores personal relationships and the struggles of the characters, making it an emotionally compelling series.

Despite its cancellation by A&E after its third season, Longmire was picked up by Netflix and was given a proper conclusion in its final season. This means that viewers can enjoy a satisfying ending to the series, rather than being left with unanswered questions.

In conclusion, Longmire is a well-crafted and entertaining crime drama that is definitely worth binge-watching, especially for those who enjoy Western themes and compelling character development.

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